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Items in the Vegetables category
Product ID Category Description
11032VG Alfalfa Sprouts 12/4oz
11022VGAlfalfa Sprouts 2lb
833022VGArrowroot, Fresh 10lb
18022VGArtichokes, 24ct
18032VGArtichokes, 30ct
18062VGArtichokes, 36ct
18082VGArtichokes, 48ct
18092VGArtichokes, Small 25lb
83232VGArugula, Baby 2lbs
83022VGArugula, Baby 2/2#
18122VGAsparagus, Jumbo 11.5lb
18192VGAsparagus, Jumbo 28lb
18142VGAsparagus, Large 11.5 lb
18172VGAsparagus, Large 28lb
18112VGAsparagus, Medium 11.5lb
18162VGAsparagus, Medium 28lb
18132VGAsparagus, Small 11.5lb
18152VGAsparagus, Small 28lb
76042VGAsparagus, White 11.5 lb
18452VGAvocado, 48ct
18502VGAvocado, 60ct
18402VGAvocado, 70ct
22002VGBean Sprouts 4/2.5lb
22192VGBeans, Chinese Long 30lb
22502VGBeans, Fava 25lb
65512VGBeans, French 10lb
65522VGBeans, French Yellow 5#
65502VGBeans, French, 5lb
77002VGBeans, Green 25lb.
22302VGBeans, Pole 25lb
22712VGBeans, Purple Wax 10lb
22602VGBeans, Sea 5lb
22702VGBeans, Yellow Wax 10lb
22652VGBeans, Yellow Wax 25lb
22322VGBeets, Bunch Red 12ct
22842VGBeets, Gold 25lb
22802VGBeets, Red 25lb
22852VGBeets, Striped 25 lbs
25012VGBok Choy, 30lb
25002VGBok Choy, 75lb
24552VGBoniato, 40lb
26542VGBroccoflower, 12ct
26502VGBroccoli, 14ct
166832VGBroccoli, Chinese 25lb
26512VGBroccoli, Crowns 18lb
26572VGBroccolini, 12#
27002VGBrussel Sprouts, 25 lb
30202VGCabbage, Green 50lbs
30252VGCabbage, Red 50lb
30222VGCabbage, Sack 50lb
30232VGCabbage, Savoy 50lb
122012VGCactus Leaves 1lb
31522VGCarrots, Cello, 1 lb
33362VGCarrots, Fresh w/tops 24ct
31502VGCarrots, Loose 50lb
315772VGCarrots, Mini 25lb Loose
31572VGCarrots, Mini Pld 30/1lb
31532VGCarrots, Rainbow 25lb
31592VGCarrots, Snack Pack 72/3oz
33632VGCarrots, Thumbalina
311532VGCarrots, Yellow 25lb
32002VGCauliflower, 12ct
333112VGCauliflower, Orange
33112VGCauliflower, Purple
32502VGCelery, 24ct
32562VGCelery, Hearts 12ct
33502VGCelery, Red 12ct
32602VGCelery, Root 25lb
323322VGCherimoya 10lb
69102VGCoconuts 50ct
36532VGCorn, 12ct
333632VGCorn, Bin 660ct
36752VGCorn, Husks 5lb
36512VGCorn, Shoots 8oz
36502VGCorn, Sweet 40-48ct
36552VGCorn, White 48ct
38012VGCucumbers, 24ct
38002VGCucumbers, 50lb
55782VGCucumbers, Persian
38052VGCucumbers, Seedless 12ct
40092VGDaikon Sprouts 12ct.
30662VGEdamame, Gold Shoots
51162VGEdamame, Petite 8oz
52002VGEggplant, 24ct
31602VGEggplant, Chinese 28 lb
55102VGEndive, Belgian, 12lb
55002VGEndive, Curly 12ct
55112VGEndive, Red Belgian 12lb
57002VGEscarole, 12ct
61502VGFennel, 24ct
1433052VGFiddlehead Ferns, 5lb
82662VGGalanga 40 lbs
70602VGGarlic, Braid
22752VGGarlic, Elephant 10 lbs
70552VGGarlic, Peeled, 5lb
70502VGGarlic, Whole 30 lbs
73002VGGinger, Root 30 lb
99073052VGGinger, Thai 1lb
78022VGGreen, Collard 24ct
78082VGGreens, Turnip 24ct
85502VGHorseradish Root 5 lbs
103002VGJicama 40 lbs
110502VGKale, Green 24ct
110552VGKale, Oriental 24ct
311042VGKale, Tuscan Black
110532VGKohlrabi, 24ct
122102VGLeeks, 12Ct
122432VGLettuce, Bibb 24ct
122452VGLettuce, Boston 24ct
66502VGLettuce, Frisee, 24 ct.
122402VGLettuce, Head 24ct
122462VGLettuce, Head Cello 24ct.
122662VGLettuce, Heirloom 10 lb
122502VGLettuce, Leaf Green 24ct
122512VGLettuce, Leaf Grn Oak 3lb
122562VGLettuce, Leaf Red 24ct
122632VGLettuce, Leaf Red Filets 5lb
122572VGLettuce, Leaf Red Oak 3lb
122532VGLettuce, Lola Rosa 3 lb
130102VGLettuce, Mache 3lb
122542VGLettuce, Mizuna 3lb
122472VGLettuce, Red Boston 24ct
122602VGLettuce, Romaine 24ct
122652VGLettuce, Romaine Hrt12/3ct
31492VGLotus Root, 1lb
137042VGMalanga, 40 lbs
132002VGMesclun/Spring Mix, 3lb
141012VGNappa Cabbage, 30lb
141002VGNappa Cabbage, 75lb
153502VGOkra, 11 lb
155042VGOnions, Cippolini 10lb
154872VGOnions, Cippolini Peel 5lb
155202VGOnions, Collosal 50 lb
155062VGOnions, Green 48ct
155142VGOnions, Knob 12ct
155172VGOnions, Maui 40lb
155112VGOnions, Pearl 12/10oz
155122VGOnions, Pearl Pld Red 5lb
155102VGOnions, Pearl Pld White 5lb
155152VGOnions, Red 25lb
155002VGOnions, Spanish 50lb
155462VGOnions, Spanish Bag 16x3#
197142VGOnions, Sprouts 2lb
155182VGOnions, Vidalia/Sweet 40#
155192VGOnions, White 50 lb
52652VGParsley Root 12ct
161202VGParsnips, 20 lb
161502VGPea Pods, 10lbs
30602VGPea Shoots, 8oz
197152VGPea Sprouts 2lb
162232VGPears, Red 90ct
22172VGPeas, BlackEye Fsh 12/10oz
52622VGPeas, Fresh & Clean
163242VGPeppers, Ajies
163012VGPeppers, Anaheim 25 lb
162982VGPeppers, Banana 25lb
163112VGPeppers, Chipotle 1lb
163232VGPeppers, Cubanel 25 lb
62002VGPeppers, Finger Hot 1lb
160372VGPeppers, Fresno 8 lb
163042VGPeppers, Green 25lb
163052VGPeppers, Green Choice 25lb
163022VGPeppers, Green Exlg 25lb
163032VGPeppers, Habanero 8 lb
163072VGPeppers, Jalapeno 30lb
163082VGPeppers, Jalapeno Red 8lb
666582VGPeppers, Manzano 8-10lb
166582VGPeppers, Melrose 25lb
163092VGPeppers, Orange 11 lb
163102VGPeppers, Poblano 20lb
163162VGPeppers, Red 11lb
163122VGPeppers, Red 15lb
163142VGPeppers, Red 25 lb
163132VGPeppers, Red Holland 11 lb
163222VGPeppers, Scotch Bonnet 8lb
192002VGPeppers, Serrano 25 lb
160392VGPeppers, Shishito
163152VGPeppers, Sun Tan, 25lb
206602VGPeppers, Thai Chile 1lb
162972VGPeppers, Tinkerbell 5lb
9923562VGPeppers, Veggie Sweet
163172VGPeppers, Yellow 11lb
1631192VGPeppers, Yellow 15lb
163182VGPeppers, Yellow 25lb
163532VGPickles, Bushels 50 lb
524122VGPickles, Fresh 40#
166882VGPotatoes, 10# Idaho 50lb
166512VGPotatoes, Baker 100ct
166502VGPotatoes, Baker 120ct
166852VGPotatoes, Baker 50ct
166802VGPotatoes, Baker 60ct
166572VGPotatoes, Baker 70ct
166552VGPotatoes, Baker 80ct
166532VGPotatoes, Baker 90ct
188102VGPotatoes, Finger Tri color 50lb
188002VGPotatoes, Fingerling 50lb
188202VGPotatoes, Heirloom
4569872VGPotatoes, Idaho 10/5lbs Bag
166492VGPotatoes, Kennebec 50lbs
166102VGPotatoes, Marble Size 10#
166732VGPotatoes, Purple A 50lb
166622VGPotatoes, Red A 50 lb
166642VGPotatoes, Red B 50lb
166652VGPotatoes, Red B Florida 50lb
166662VGPotatoes, Red C 50lb
166872VGPotatoes, Utility, 50lb
166692VGPotatoes, White C 50lb
166892VGPotatoes, Yukon Gold A 50#
166902VGPotatoes, Yukon Gold B 50#
166912VGPotatoes, Yukon Gold C 50#
169872VGPumpkins, Bin 30-35ct
169992VGPumpkins, Bin 40-45ct
169002VGPumpkins, Large
169012VGPumpkins, Pie 9-14ct
169962VGPumpkins, XL
180312VGRaddichio 12ct
180302VGRadicchio 9 ct
197162VGRadish Sprouts 2lb
40112VGRadish, Daikon 1lb
180512VGRadish, Watermelon 25lb
180502VGRadishes 14/1 lb
180022VGRadishes w/Tops 20 lb
181602VGRamps 10 lb
181002VGRapini 20bu
30622VGRed Kaiware Shoots 8oz
336562VGRepack 20lb Tomato 2layer
182002VGRhubarb 20 lb
191202VGSalsify, 11lb
196572VGSavilla 20lbs
192502VGShallots 10 lb
192552VGShallots Peeled 5lb
196072VGSpinach, Baby 4lb
195992VGSpinach, Bulk 5lb
196002VGSpinach, Bunch 24ct
196042VGSpinach, CA Salad 4/2.5lb
196052VGSpinach, Cello 8/10oz
196512VGSquash, Acorn 40lb
196532VGSquash, Butternut 40lb
196552VGSquash, Calabacita 40lb
196542VGSquash, Calabaza 50 lb
711112VGSquash, Carnival 40lb
196522VGSquash, Chayote 40lb
91042VGSquash, Crook Neck 5lb
71112VGSquash, Delicata 40lb
30652VGSquash, Gold Shoots
198862VGSquash, Hubbard 40 lb
196502VGSquash, Kobocha 40 lb
196562VGSquash, Spaghetti 40lb
7112VGSquash, Sweet Dumpling 40lb
198872VGSquash, Turban 40 lb
7854442VGSquash, White Acorn 40lb
196492VGSquash, Yellow 20lb
196582VGSquash, Yellow 26lbs
198012VGSugar Cane, Bundle
161552VGSugar Snaps 10lb
198902VGSun Choke 12/1lb
197172VGSunflower Sprouts 2lb
167702VGSweet Potato, Okinawan 30#
167002VGSweet Potatoe, Jumbo
78162VGSwiss Chard Green 12ct
77992VGSwiss Chard Rainbow 24ct
78192VGSwiss Chard Rainbow 12ct
78172VGSwiss Chard Red 12ct
78002VGSwiss Chard Red 24ct
78072VGSwiss, Chard Green 24ct
205582VGTaro Root 30lb
205002VGTomatillo, 50lb
205522VGTomatoes, 4x5 20lb
205532VGTomatoes, 5x6 25lb
205662VGTomatoes, 6x6 25lb
205592VGTomatoes, Campari
206002VGTomatoes, Cherry 12pt
206042VGTomatoes, Cherry Yell Holl 9ct
169452VGTomatoes, Gourment Melody 8/12
30822VGTomatoes, Grape 12ct
30852VGTomatoes, Grape Yellow 12ct
205252VGTomatoes, Green Zebra 10#
206032VGTomatoes, Heirloom 10lb
205652VGTomatoes, Heirloom Wild Wonder8/12
205472VGTomatoes, Hydro 11lb
206062VGTomatoes, Large 20lb
205512VGTomatoes, On Vine 11.5lb
205552VGTomatoes, Plum 25lb
205672VGTomatoes, Random 25 lb
19302VGTomatoes, Red Currant 12/.5pt
205542VGTomatoes, Red Teardrop 12/.5pt
59892VGTomatoes, Sweet Trio
205462VGTomatoes, Vine Orng 11.5lb
205502VGTomatoes, Vine yel 11.5lb
206052VGTomatoes, X-Large 20lb
205562VGTomatoes, Ylw Teardrop12ct
211082VGUpland Cress 2lb
1552532VGVerdolaga (Mex Parsley)
231002VGWatercress, 12ct
210032VGWatercress, 24ct
231012VGWatercress, HotHouse 12ct
234202VGWheat Grass 12ct
251502VGYams, 40lb
196662VGYucca, 40 lb
19782VGZucchini, 20 lb
185282VGZucchini, Blossoms 100ct
19752VGZucchini, Med 26#
185592VGZucchini, Small/Fancy 26lb


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