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Items in the Specialty category
Product ID Category Description
2893SPEBaby, Beets Gold 24bu
2234SPEBaby, Beets Gold Peeled 5lb
2235SPEBaby, Beets Kandi Peeled 5 lb
2895SPEBaby, Beets Mixed 24 bu
2892SPEBaby, Beets Red 24 bu
2233SPEBaby, Beets Red Peeled 5lb
22281SPEBaby, Beets Striped 24 bu
2283SPEBaby, Bok Choy30lb
3155SPEBaby, Carrots Bunch 24ct
3156SPEBaby, Carrots Peeled W/Tops 5lb
3154SPEBaby, Carrots Rainbow Peeled W/Tops 5lb
3122SPEBaby, Carrots Red W/Tops 24ct
3254SPEBaby, Carrots Yellow W/Tops 24ct
9103SPEBaby, Corn Fresh 100ct
9098SPEBaby, Cucumbers Seedless 20lb
3158SPEBaby, Eggplan 11 lb
9101SPEBaby, Fennel 12ct
2105SPEBaby, Gala Apple 10lb
12241SPEBaby, Green Romaine 3lb
12267SPEBaby, Head Lettuce 40ct
9102SPEBaby, Leeks 5lb
16632SPEBaby, Peppers Sweet 12/8oz
3161SPEBaby, Pineapples 10ct
1593SPEBaby, Pink Lady Apple 10 lbs
12242SPEBaby, Red Romaine 3lb
20557SPEBaby, Turnips 24ct
20548SPEBaby, Turnips Peeled W/Tops 5lb
19659SPEBaby, Zucchini 10lb
19661SPEBaby, Zucchini 5lb
3165SPECarrots, Rainbow Pld w/t 5#
5110SPEEdible Flowers, Cosmos
15244SPEEdible Flowers, Crystallized Pansy 10ct
15243SPEEdible Flowers, Crystallized Rose 10ct
15245SPEEdible Flowers, Crystallized Snapdragon
5111SPEEdible Flowers, Dahlia
5122SPEEdible Flowers, Dianthus 50ct
5124SPEEdible Flowers, Lavender 50ct
6333SPEEdible Flowers, Marigolds 50ct
5125SPEEdible Flowers, Nasturtium 50ct
15242SPEEdible Flowers, Orchids Multi-color 50ct
15240SPEEdible Flowers, Orchids, 100 ct
5115SPEEdible Flowers, Sparkler
15248SPEEdible Flowers, Viola 50ct
12252SPEHydro Bib Lettuce
15241SPEMicro Orchid 200ct
7725SPEMicro Wasabi 8oz
1913SPEMicro, Amaranthe 8oz
7716SPEMicro, Arugula 8oz
7712SPEMicro, Basil 8oz
7701SPEMicro, Basil Nutmeg 8oz
7733SPEMicro, Borage 8oz
7736SPEMicro, Broccoli 8oz
7717SPEMicro, Bulls Blood 8oz
7455466SPEMicro, Carrot Top 8oz
7735SPEMicro, Celery 8oz
7789SPEMicro, Chef Blend 8oz
7732SPEMicro, Chervil 8oz
7714SPEMicro, Chives 8oz
7715SPEMicro, Cilantro 8oz
7702SPEMicro, Citrus 8oz
7706SPEMicro, Cucumber 8oz
7737SPEMicro, Daikon Radish 8oz
7720SPEMicro, Dill 8oz
7719SPEMicro, Fennel 8oz
7709SPEMicro, Fiesta Blend
7989SPEMicro, Fire Stick
15235SPEMicro, Flower Blend 200ct
7727SPEMicro, Flowers Blend
7724SPEMicro, Frisse 8oz
7752SPEMicro, Gold Pea Shoots 4oz
7710SPEMicro, Hearts on Fire 8oz
7703SPEMicro, Intensity 8oz
7708SPEMicro, Mache 8oz
7707SPEMicro, Merlot 8oz
7723SPEMicro, Mint 8oz
7704SPEMicro, Mint Lime 8oz
7718SPEMicro, Mix 8oz
7728SPEMicro, Mizuna 8oz
7713SPEMicro, Opal Basil 8oz
7721SPEMicro, Peppercress 8oz
5119SPEMicro, Petite Season Mix 8oz
7729SPEMicro, Primavera 8oz
7711SPEMicro, Rainbow 8oz
8574666SPEMicro, Red Kaiware Shoot 8oz
8546666SPEMicro, Sea Bean 8oz
7705SPEMicro, Spectrum mix 8oz
7779SPEMicro, Spicy Mix 8oz
7726SPEMicro, Sun Daisy
7731SPEMicro, Tangerine Lace 8oz
7734SPEMicro, Thyme 8oz
7730SPEMicro, Verdolaga 8oz
7722SPEMicro, Watercress 8oz
19662SPEPatty Pan Green 5lb
19663SPEPatty Pan Yellow 5lb
5117SPEPetite Carnival Mix 8oz
5118SPEPetite Primavera Mix 8oz
9111SPETiny Veggie Carrot 50ct
9118SPETiny Veggie Radish 50ct
9106SPETiny Veggie Red Turnip 50
9119SPETiny Veggie Turnip 50ct


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