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Items in the Salads category
Product ID Category Description
9919154PMSSalad, 3/10 Four Bean
9919150PMSSalad, Antipasto 2/5 lb
9919152PMSSalad, Chicken 5lb
9919162PMSSalad, Cole Slaw 3/10lb
9919922PMSSalad, Cole Slaw Vinegar & Oil 5lb
9919153PMSSalad, Creamy Cucumber 2/5lb
9915913PMSSalad, Cucumber Sweet & Sour 10lb
9919161PMSSalad, Egg 5lb
9919155PMSSalad, Four Bean 2/5lb
77558PMSSalad, Garden 12oz
9919164PMSSalad, Kidney Bean Creamy 2/5lb
9919156PMSSalad, Macaroni 2/5lb
991945PMSSalad, Macaroni Salad 2/5lb
20708PMSSalad, Olive Greek 5lb
9919158PMSSalad, Potato 2/5lb
9919159PMSSalad, Potato German 3/10#
18550PMSSalad, Rotini Pasta 8lb
9919160PMSSalad, Tuna 5lb


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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