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Items in the Protein category
Product ID Category Description
74555MPBeef, Angus Pattie
9997895MPBeef, Boneless Short Rib
556675MPBeef, Chuck Roast lbs.
855785MPBeef, Corn lbs
9999545MPBeef, Filet Mignon 6oz
969645MPBeef, Flank Steak lbs
889895MPBeef, Ground
99081505MPBeef, Hamburger 10lb
998975MPBeef, Hamburger Patties 4oz 5lb
3000335MPBeef, Inside Round
2077905MPBeef, Italian Sausage10lb
12135MPBeef, Liver Frozen
9995565MPBeef, Liver Sliced lbs
67725MPBeef, Meatballs 1/2oz
13185MPBeef, Polish Sausage 10lb
138895MPBeef, Porter House Steak
999985MPBeef, Prime Burgers 6oz
74574745MPBeef, Prime Rib 1lb
457245MPBeef, Rib Eye Boneless
457255MPBeef, Rib Eye Strips lbs
99185105MPBeef, Roast lb
9997905MPBeef, Round Roast Boneless
559895MPBeef, Sirloin Filets
722235MPBeef, Skirt Steak
16455MPBeef, Sliced Italian lbs
9999465MPBeef, Stew Cut 1lb
122305MPBeef, Tenderloins lbs
9999445MPBeef, Top Round
9925665MPChicken, Diced Cooked lbs
99635MPChicken, 8 Cut
998795MPChicken, Airline 10oz
9903405MPChicken, Breast Fresh lb
999935MPChicken, Breast Froz 6oz
9986475MPChicken, Cordon Bleu
979785MPChicken, Drumettes lbs
669695MPChicken, French Cut Drumette lbs
74855555MPChicken, Ground 16lbs
9903605MPChicken, Legs Fresh lb
996565MPChicken, Strips 100ct
9903805MPChicken, Tenders, 10lb
9903665MPChicken, Thigh & Leg Qrts
9900365MPChicken, Thighs B-Less lbs
9992595MPChicken, Whole lbs
9903915MPChicken, Wing Dings
9903905MPChicken, Wings lb
669985MPCrab Meat Imitation 15/1b
36255MPDeli Meat
9999795MPDuck Fresh Lbs
999655MPFish, Catfish Filet 3.5oz
9998795MPFish, Rainbow Trout
123655MPFish, Salmon Fillets aprx.3 lbs
9998985MPFish, Talipa
99185MPHam, Buffet Boneless
99175MPHam, Hocks 30LB
369895MPHam, krakus
99155MPHam, Pit 9-12lb
77975MPHam, Smoked
989975MPLamb, Chop Pops 1-2lb
989965MPLamb, Chops 6-7oz
889975MPLamb, Ground 10lb
999975MPLamb, Leg lbs
989645MPLamb, Stew Meat lb
20505MPPork, Bacon 15 lb
13155MPPork, Butt lbs
14155MPPork, Chop Boneless 5oz
14145MPPork, Chop Center Cut lbs
14135MPPork, Chops Bone In 5oz
889965MPPork, Ground
13145MPPork, Loin lbs
415665MPPork, Pulled
13165MPPork, Roast Boneless lbs
15145MPPork, Shoulder lbs
241245MPRib Tip
457785MPRibs Baby Back 1-1/2 down
207985MPSausage, Andouille 10lb
30045MPSausage, Bologna 1 lb
89895MPSausage, Bratwurst lbs
99191405MPSausage, Genova Salami lb
99085455MPSausage, Hot Dogs 10lb
2077895MPSausage, Italian 10lb
207505MPSausage, Links 12lb
207515MPSausage, Patties 12lb
13195MPSausage, Polish 10lb
997975MPSausage, Salami lbs
227505MPSausage, Turkey Link 10lb
991985MPShrimp, Baby 12/1lb
989875MPShrimp, EZ Peel
99208505MPTurkey, Breast, lb
1987895MPTurkey, Cutlets 10lb
9992695MPTurkey, Deli Sliced
9925655MPTurkey, Diced Cooked lbs
199895MPTurkey, Foil Wrap 18-20lb
199995MPTurkey, Ground lbs
99185405MPTurkey, Roast lb
227515MPTurkey, Sausage Pattie
77985MPTurkey, Smoked
300185MPTurkey, Whole
889985MPVeal, Bones lbs.
885585MPVeal, Breaded 30/5.3oz
888585MPVeal, Rack per pound
889695MPVeal, Slices
8547455MPVeal, Strip Loin 5#


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