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Items in the Precuts category
Product ID Category Description
99198007PCAcorn Squash 1" Chunk 5lb
554467PCApples, Diced Green 1/2" Skin Off 5lb
554477PCApples, Diced Green 1/2" Skin On 5lb
554447PCApples, Diced Red1/2" Skin Off 5lb
554437PCApples, Diced Red1/2" Skin Off 5lb
99015467PCApples, Sliced Green 5lb
99015477PCApples, Sliced Red 5lb
55587PCApples, Wedge Green 5lb
55577PCApples, Wedged Red 5lb
54177PCBeans, Clean & Clip 10#
5467PCBeets, Diced Gold 3/4 5#
5447PCBeets, Diced Red 3/4 5#
5477PCBeets, Diced Striped 3/4 5#
28997PCBeets, Gold Peeled
54167PCBroccoli, Floretts 5lb
999607PCBroccoli, Slaw 5lb
112217PCBruschetta, 5lb
99198027PCButternut Squash Diced 1" 5lb
54237PCCabbage, Dry Chop Mix 20lb
54207PCCabbage, Dry Slaw 20lb
54247PCCabbage, Shrd Red 1/8" 10#
54217PCCabbage, Stew Cut 5lb
133637PCCantalope, Chunk 1" 5lb
54127PCCantalope, Chunk 3/4" 1/5#
33227PCCantalope, Diced 1/2" 2/5lb
31047PCCantalope, Halves 12lb
99164127PCCantalope, Sliced 2/5lb
54287PCCarrots, Coin Cut1/4" 10lb
54337PCCarrots, Diced 1/2" 10lb
54327PCCarrots, Diced 1/4" 10lb
54407PCCarrots, Julienne 1/4x4" 10lb
54417PCCarrots, Matchstick 10lb
54117PCCarrots, Shredded 10lb
666457PCCarrots, Split Bias Cut lb
66547PCCarrots, Stick 10lb 2in.
54457PCCarrots, Sticks 1/2" 10lb
54527PCCauliflower, Floretts 5lb
54567PCCelery, Cross Cut1/4" 10lb
544107PCCelery, Diced 1" 5lb
54107PCCelery, Diced 1/2" 10lb
54577PCCelery, Diced 1/4" 10lb
54557PCCelery, Julienne 1/4x4" 10lb
55607PCCelery, Stew Cut 10lb
66557PCCelery, Stick 10lb 2in.
54587PCCelery, Sticks 2/5lb 4"
67537PCChippers, Hot Chips 30lb
36527PCCorn, Cleaned 36-42ct
55487PCCucumbers, Coin Cut 10lb
55977PCCucumbers, Diced 10lb
55967PCCucumbers, Diced 5lb
55907PCEggplant, Diced 1" s/off 10lb
55897PCEggplant, Diced 1/2" s/off 10#
54657PCFajita Blend Mix, 5lb
99223347PCFruit Kabobb
188337PCFruit Tray Large 7lb
12867PCGG Apple w Cinn Crm12/2.7
12537PCGG Apple w Grape 12/2.5oz
12647PCGG Baby Carrot 24/2.2oz
12497PCGG Carrot W/Ranch Dip12/2.7
12817PCGG Red Apple 12/2.2oz
12837PCGG Red Apple w Carmel 12/2.7
89707PCGrapes, Cleaned Green 5lb
89697PCGrapes, Cleaned Red 5lb
133647PCHoneydew, Chunk 1" 5lb
54137PCHoneydew, Chunk 3/4" 1/5#
33337PCHoneydew, Diced 1/2"" 2/5lb
85047PCHoneydew, Havles 12lb
99164137PCHoneydew, Sliced 2/5lb
189067PCJicama, Diced 10lbs
54467PCJicama, Sticks 10lbs
110657PCKale Clean & Chop 5lb
885557PCKiwi, Sliced 1/4"" 2/5#
55647PCLettuce, Bistro Blend 4/2.5lb
54617PCLettuce, Chop Romaine 10lb
54747PCLettuce, Chopped w/GB 4/5#
55727PCLettuce, Coach House 10lb
122627PCLettuce, G L Filets 5lbs
54737PCLettuce, LCR Blend 20lb
54767PCLettuce, Rom Blend10%20lb
55767PCLettuce, Rom LCR 20% 20lb
54627PCLettuce, Romaine chop 6/2#
122617PCLettuce, Romaine Filets
545477PCLettuce, Romaine Shrd10lb
54777PCLettuce, Shred 4/5# 1/8""
54807PCLettuce, Shredded 1/2""
133677PCMango, Chunk 1" 5lb
133707PCMango, Chunk 1/2" 5lb
130557PCMango, Chunk 1/4" 2/5lb
133337PCMango, Chunk 1/4" 5lb
99134527PCMango, Salsa 5lb
130527PCMango, Spears
300297PCMelon Balls 5 lbs
8244637PCMixed Fruit No Grape
8240627PCMixed Fruit w/Gr 3/4""5lb
55627PCOnion, Stew Cut 10lb
54827PCOnions, Diced 1/2"" 10lb
54817PCOnions, Diced 1/4"" 10lb
158457PCOnions, Diced Red 1/4" 10lb
154807PCOnions, Green Slc 1/4 5lb
155987PCOnions, Julienne 1/4 10lb
154847PCOnions, Red Dcd 1/2 5lb
155997PCOnions, Red Julienne 10lb
154817PCOnions, Red Sliced 1/2 5lbs
99154077PCOnions, Red Whl Peel 20lb
1544537PCOnions, Slab 4/5# 1/2""
154857PCOnions, Slicd Red 1/8"" 2/5
154837PCOnions, Sliced 1/8"" 10lb
54837PCOnions, Sliver 1/8"x1/4 5lb
99154067PCOnions,Whole Peeled 25lb
156577PCOrange Segments 5lb
36367PCPapaya, Diced 1/2" 4/5lb
56637PCParsnips, Diced 1/2"" 5lb
54497PCParsnips, Julienne 2/5lb
56647PCPeach, Diced 1/4" 2/5# S/On
54917PCPeppers, Diced Grn 1/2 10lb
54907PCPeppers, Diced Grn 1/4 10lb
5620077PCPeppers, Diced Red 1/2 10lb
5620087PCPeppers, Diced Red 1/4""10lb
5079027PCPeppers, Diced Ylw 1/2 10lb
30117PCPeppers, Green 1" sq 10 lbs
54927PCPeppers, Green Juln 10lb
54937PCPeppers, Julienne Red 10lb
55697PCPeppers, Orange Jul 10 lb
30127PCPeppers, Red 1" sq 10 lbs
549227PCPeppers, Yellow Julienne 10lb
99164257PCPico De Gallo 5lb
133657PCPineapple, Chunk 1" 5lb
54157PCPineapple, Chunk 3/4" 1/5lb
33447PCPineapple, Diced 1/2" 2/5lb
164057PCPineapple, Halves 12lb
99164147PCPineapple, Sliced 2/5lb
130537PCPineapple, Spears 10lb
555657PCPotatoes, Diced 1/2" in Water 30lb
54047PCPotatoes, B Red Qtr Skin On 30lb
54017PCPotatoes, Balls 30lbs
99163107PCPotatoes, Carved 5lb
1966987PCPotatoes, North Star Diced 20lb
555647PCPotatoes, Peeled in Water 25lb
540227PCPotatoes, Red Diced Skin On 30lb
99164307PCPotatoes, Red Sliced 30lb
55667PCPotatoes, Russet Qrt No Skin 30lb
99164407PCPotatoes, Russet Sliced 30lb
33567PCPotatoes, Shredded 25lb
99164007PCPotatoes, Sweet Sliced 30lb
53987PCPotatoes, Whole Peeled C 30lb
53997PCPotatoes, Whole Peeled Sweet 30lb
99164107PCPotatoes, Yukon Sliced 30lb
99166907PCPotatoes, Yukon Whole Peeled 30lb
99180567PCRadish, Sliced 1/8" 5lb
99180587PCRadish, Trimmed 5lb
54797PCRomaine LCR 20% w/gb 4/5lb
189057PCRutabaga Diced 1/2" 5lb
54727PCSalad, Chef 20lb
154867PCShallots, Sliced 10lbs
197407PCStir Fry #10 10lb
197427PCStirFry Oriental #3 10lb
554567PCStrawberry, Sliced 5lb
5544527PCSweet Potatoes Diced 1" s/off 25#
5544507PCSweet Potatoes Diced 3/4" 25# S/off
167787PCSweet Potatoes Wedge 30lb
5544537PCSweet Potatoes, Diced 1 1/2" S/O
5544517PCSweet Potatoes, Diced 1/2 25# s/on
54637PCTomatoes, Diced 3/8"" 5lb
55557PCTomatoes, Sliced 100ct 5#
55567PCTomatoes, Wedged 5lb
99208707PCTurnips, Diced 1/2"" 5lb
54507PCTurnips, Julienne 2/5 lb
99223337PCVeggie Kabob
99223367PCVeggie Tray Large 16""
99223327PCVeggie Tray Small 12""
133667PCWatermelon, Chunk 1" 5lb
99234187PCWatermelon, Chunk 3/4"" 5lb
33347PCWatermelon, Diced 1/2"" 2/5lb
99827PCWatermelon, Sliced 2/5#
555997PCYellow Squash, Julienne 5lb
253207PCYellow Squash, Carved 5lb
99198057PCYellow Squash, Coin Cut 1/4" 5lb
55067PCYellow Squash, Diced 1" 10LB
55087PCYellow Squash, Diced 1/2" 10lb
25257PCYellow Squash, Half Moon Cut 10#
30167PCYellow Squash, Stick 10 lbs
990057PCZucchini, Carved 5lb
54647PCZucchini, CC 1/4"" 5lb
55097PCZucchini, Diced 1" 10#
55077PCZucchini, Diced 1/2" 10#
25267PCZucchini, Half Moon Cut 10#
555987PCZucchini, Julienne 5lb
30157PCZucchini, Stick 10 lbs


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