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Items in the Organic category
Product ID Category Description
992009OPOrganic Grocery, Butter Lite 36/1lb
999579OPOrganic Grocery, Eggs Cage Free 15dz
992209OPOrganic Grocery, Feta Cheese 12/8
992109OPOrganic Grocery, Hvy Whip Cream 6/32oz
996679OPOrganic Grocery, Milk 1% .5pt 48ct
999709OPOrganic Grocery, Milk 1% 1/2 gal
996699OPOrganic Grocery, Milk 1% 1/2 gal
996669OPOrganic Grocery, Milk 1% 4/1gal
133149OPOrganic Grocery, Milk 2% 1/2 gal
999699OPOrganic Grocery, Milk Skim 4/1gal
133139OPOrganic Grocery, Milk Whole 1/2 gal
996179OPOrganic Grocery, MIlk Whole 1/2gal
996169OPOrganic Grocery, Milk Whole 4/1gal
999149OPOrganic Grocery, Orange Juice 8/64oz
999189OPOrganic Grocery, Pineapple Juice 12/32oz
998829OPOrganic Grocery, Tofu 12/14oz
999159OPOrganic Grocery, Yogurt 12/32oz
991439OPOrganic, Acorn Squash 35 lb
992299OPOrganic, Apple Breaburn100ct
991379OPOrganic, Apple Fuji 80ct
991299OPOrganic, Apple Gala 88ct
991399OPOrganic, Apple Gold 88ct
991389OPOrganic, Apple Granny 100ct
999179OPOrganic, Apple Juice12/32
177139OPOrganic, Apple Pink Lady 80ct
999419OPOrganic, Apple Red Delicious100ct
999439OPOrganic, Apricots 10lb
9945459OPOrganic, Artichokes 30ct
991699OPOrganic, Asparagus 28lb
9915469OPOrganic, Avocado 60ct
991019OPOrganic, Baby Arugula 4lb
996899OPOrganic, Banana Red 40lb
990979OPOrganic, Bananas 40lb
991809OPOrganic, Basil 1lb
991219OPOrganic, Beets Gold 24ct
9911219OPOrganic, Beets Gold 25lbs
9991219OPOrganic, Beets Red 24ct
9992119OPOrganic, Beets Red 25lbs
991869OPOrganic, Bibb Lettuce 24ct
9915159OPOrganic, Blackberry 12pt
999129OPOrganic, Blueberry 12pt
990999OPOrganic, Bok Choy 15lb
991369OPOrganic, Bok Choy Baby 20lbs
991879OPOrganic, Boston Lett 24ct
991009OPOrganic, Broccoli 14ct
9912149OPOrganic, Brussel Sprouts 10lbs
995439OPOrganic, Butternut Squash 35lbs
9912159OPOrganic, Cabbage Green 45lbs
9912189OPOrganic, Cabbage Savoy 35lbs
991049OPOrganic, Califlower 12ct
991859OPOrganic, California Boston 24ct
9911459OPOrganic, Cantalope 35lb
991229OPOrganic, Carrot 24x1 lbs
991039OPOrganic, Carrot BabyPld 24
999899OPOrganic, Carrot Coin Cut 10lb
999569OPOrganic, Carrot Shred 10lb
991319OPOrganic, Carrots 25lb
9991499OPOrganic, Carrots Baby Peeled 30/1lb
991079OPOrganic, Celery 24ct
991069OPOrganic, Celery Heart 18ct
991709OPOrganic, Chives 1lb
999559OPOrganic, Chop Romaine 12lb
991059OPOrganic, Cilantro 30ct
991579OPOrganic, Cippolini 10lb
991269OPOrganic, Collard Grn 24ct
9912289OPOrganic, Corn 48ct
991529OPOrganic, Cremini Mush 5lb
9911489OPOrganic, Crenshaw 6ct
991109OPOrganic, Cucumbers 20lbs
991909OPOrganic, Curly Parsley30ct
991249OPOrganic, Daikon 25lbs
991119OPOrganic, Dandelion Grn12ct
9914159OPOrganic, Dill 1lb
991329OPOrganic, Eggplant 24ct
991409OPOrganic, Fennel 12ct
996659OPOrganic, Figs 12x1 pt
70549OPOrganic, Garlic Peeled 5lb
991609OPOrganic, Garlic Whl Pld5lb
990989OPOrganic, Ginger 1lb
9911559OPOrganic, Grape Red Seedless 19lb
998989OPOrganic, Grapefruit 36ct
9911449OPOrganic, Grapes Green10#
991829OPOrganic, Green Beans 15lb
991279OPOrganic, Green Kale 24ct
991159OPOrganic, Green Leaf 24ct
991129OPOrganic, Green Onion 48ct
991479OPOrganic, Green Pepper 20lbs
9911199OPOrganic, Head Lettuce 12ct
991029OPOrganic, Herb Salad 6/5oz
994579OPOrganic, Honeydew 8ct
991899OPOrganic, Jalapeno 10lbs
9915489OPOrganic, Kiwi 22lbs
991199OPOrganic, Leeks 20lbs
9916169OPOrganic, Lemon 115ct 38#
9912519OPOrganic, Lettuce Baby 8/5
992129OPOrganic, Limes 10lbs
9945879OPOrganic, Limes 38lb
992139OPOrganic, Mango 10ct
991309OPOrganic, Mesclun Mix 2lbs
991239OPOrganic, Mesclun Mix 3lbs
197129OPOrganic, Mint 1lb
138059OPOrganic, Mushroom Overwrap 8/1lb
991539OPOrganic, Mushroom Shitake 5lb
991689OPOrganic, Mushroom Sliced 10lb
991469OPOrganic, Mustard Grn 24ct
9912169OPOrganic, Nappa 30lbs
994599OPOrganic, Nectarine 30/35ct
999449OPOrganic, Oranges 88ct
999429OPOrganic, Oranges 113ct
197119OPOrganic, Oregano 1lb
991919OPOrganic, Parsley Italian 30ct
991359OPOrganic, Patty Pan Squash 5lb
994609OPOrganic, Peach 18lb 40/42
999469OPOrganic, Pear Anjou 100ct
999489OPOrganic, Pear Asian 24ct
999459OPOrganic, Pear Bartlet100ct
999479OPOrganic, Pear Bosc 100ct
169029OPOrganic, Pie Pumpkin 9-14ct
9911889OPOrganic, Pineapple 8ct
996879OPOrganic, Plantains 40lbs
9911469OPOrganic, Plums 28lb
991519OPOrganic, Portabello 5lb
991509OPOrganic, Portabello Caps 5lb
991559OPOrganic, Potato 70ct
745339OPOrganic, Potato 80ct
991549OPOrganic, Potato 90ct
991649OPOrganic, Potato Red A 50lb
991659OPOrganic, Potato Yukon Gold A 50lb
991669OPOrganic, Potato Yukon Gold B 50lb
991759OPOrganic, Radicchio 12ct
991789OPOrganic, Radish 24ct
999139OPOrganic, Raspberry 12hpt
9912179OPOrganic, Red Cabbage 45lb
991169OPOrganic, Red Leaf Lettuce 24ct
991289OPOrganic, Red Onion 40lbs
991489OPOrganic, Red Pepper 11lbs
991149OPOrganic, Romain Hearts 12/3ct
991179OPOrganic, Romaine 24ct
197109OPOrganic, Rosemary 1lb
192519OPOrganic, Shallots 10lb
991459OPOrganic, Shallots 5lb
9998929OPOrganic, Snow Peas 10lb
991139OPOrganic, Spanish Onion 40lb
991429OPOrganic, Spinach 24ct
991419OPOrganic, Spinach Baby 4lbs
991589OPOrganic, Strawberry 8x1#
9914549OPOrganic, Sugar Snap 10lbs
991569OPOrganic, Sweet Pot Yam40lb
999909OPOrganic, Swiss Chard 24ct
991089OPOrganic, Swiss Chard Red 24ct
991099OPOrganic, Swiss Green Chard 24ct
991729OPOrganic, Tarragon 1lb
991719OPOrganic, Thyme 1lb
991259OPOrganic, Tomato 5x6 15lb
9915189OPOrganic, Tomato 20lbs
9915149OPOrganic, Tomato 4x5
991209OPOrganic, Tomato Cherry 12pt
991189OPOrganic, Tomato Grape 12pt
992189OPOrganic, Tomato Heirloom 10lb
995649OPOrganic, Tomato onVine11lb
9985489OPOrganic, Tomato Plum 20lb
992289OPOrganic, Turnips 25lb
994589OPOrganic, Watermelon Sdl 6ct
9911669OPOrganic, White Mush 10lb
991499OPOrganic, Yellow Pepper 15lb
991349OPOrganic, Yellow Squash 20lb
991339OPOrganic, Zucchini 20lbs


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