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Items in the Miscellaneous category
Product ID Category Description
19891MSCAluminum Baking Cup 4.5in
13998MSCAluminum Foil 18X1000
17110MSCBags for Popcorn 50ct
17112MSCBags for Produce Clear
17115MSCBags, Brown Paper #6 500ct
17114MSCBags, Brown Paper 500ct #5
17113MSCBags, Bundan 21x6x35 200ct
23237MSCBags, Cannoli Filling
778899MSCBags, Garbage 50 gal
779898MSCBags, Garbage Clear 45gal
1659MSCBags, Sandwich 6.5oz
7444MSCButane Fuel 12ea
6565MSCCake Liner 12" 100ct
6566MSCCake Liner 16" 100ct
11323MSCCharcoal 40lb bag
22232MSCChef Hats
9343700MSCChop Sticks 100x40 pairs
16998MSCCocktail Straws 8" 10x500
8555MSCCoffe Cup Foam 8oz W/Lid
1104MSCContainers, Soup/Deli 32oz
11003MSCContainers, To- Go 200ct
22112MSCCups, 9oz recycled
22124MSCCups, Hot Solo Paper 8oz
30031MSCCups, Plastic 9oz 1000ct
9914457MSCCutlery Pack
3266MSCDeli Containers w/Lids
6445MSCDry Ice
6637MSCFoam Bowls 12oz
6636MSCFoam Cup 10oz
6639MSCFoam Cup 12oz
300023MSCFoam Cups 8 oz
33667MSCFoil Pan Full 2"
33665MSCFoil Pan Full 4"
9906570MSCForks 1000ct
9906740MSCFreezer Bags
76698MSCGloves Latex
76699MSCGloves Vinyl No Powder
300034MSCHair Nets
9911370MSCKnives, 1000ct
33398MSCLids Coffee 10,12,16,20oz
33696MSCLids for Foam Cup/Bowl
33666MSCLids for Foil Pan
1236MSCNapkins 2 ply
11006MSCPaper Plate 6"
11007MSCPaper Plate 9"
11002MSCPaper Towels 30ct
1656MSCParchment Paper 250 sheet
1657MSCPlastic Roll 12in
30003MSCPlastic Roll 18 in
1658MSCPlastic Roll 24in
33669MSCPlatter Blk 12-16" W/Lid
77898MSCScotch Brite 6/10ct
19804MSCSkewers Wooden
778897MSCSponges Heavy Duty
9919740MSCSpoons, 1000ct
9919520MSCSpoons, Soup 1000ct
9991785MSCSpoons, Taster 3000ct
151416MSCSqueeze Bottle 6/16oz
5656MSCSternos 24ct 6hr
1452MSCStraws Wrapped
17787MSCVase 10 1/2inch
11010MSCWax Paper 8X10.75


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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