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Items in the Local category
Product ID Category Description
1599LOCLocal Apple Gala 88ct
33303LOCLocal Apple Gala 138ct
33281LOCLocal Apple Mcintosh 88ct
33298LOCLocal Apple Red Delicious 138ct
33223LOCLocal Asparagus 28lb
1810LOCLocal Asparagus Purple 11lb
33232LOCLocal Beets Red 25lb
33287LOCLocal Cabbage Red 50lb
33288LOCLocal Cabbage Shredded Red 10lb
33252LOCLocal Carrot Cello 48/1lb
33212LOCLocal Carrot Coin Cut 1/4" 10lb
33215LOCLocal Carrot Diced 1/2" 10lb
33214LOCLocal Carrot Diced 1/4" 10lb
33216LOCLocal Carrot Julienne 1/4x4" 5lb
33262LOCLocal Carrot Mini Peeled 48/1lb
5561LOCLocal Carrot Stew Cut 10lb
5442LOCLocal Carrot Sticks 10lb
5409LOCLocal Carrot Whole Peeled 25lb
33251LOCLocal Carrots Loose 50lb
33217LOCLocal Carrots Matchstick 10lb
33267LOCLocal Carrots Shred 10lb
33299LOCLocal Celery 24ct
33250LOCLocal Cherry Tomato 12pt
33290LOCLocal Corn 12ct
33289LOCLocal Corn Sweet 40-48ct
33225LOCLocal Cucumber 24ct
33226LOCLocal Cucumber 50lb
33239LOCLocal Cucumber Coin Cut 10lb
33246LOCLocal Cucumber Julienne 5lb
33261LOCLocal Cucumber Sdls 12ct
7804LOCLocal Dandelion Green 24ct
7803LOCLocal Dandelion Red 24ct
33274LOCLocal Dry Slaw Cabb 20lb
33224LOCLocal Eggplant 18ct
33247LOCLocal Endive Curly 24ct
33248LOCLocal Escarole 24ct
6604LOCLocal Fresh Cut Fry 30#
33304LOCLocal Fuji 138ct
33233LOCLocal Gold Beets 25lb
33286LOCLocal Green Bean Clip 10lb
33245LOCLocal Green Beans 25lb
33265LOCLocal Green Cabbage 50lb
33228LOCLocal Green Leaf 24ct
33280LOCLocal Green Leaf Filet 5lb
12249LOCLocal Green Leaf Lettuce 24ct
33259LOCLocal Green Onion 48ct
33272LOCLocal Green Onion Slc 5lb
33227LOCLocal Green Pepper 25lb
33270LOCLocal Green Pepper Diced 1/2" 10lb
33273LOCLocal Green Pepper Diced 1/4" 10lb
33268LOCLocal Green Pepper Julienne 10#
33236LOCLocal Green Swiss Char
33294LOCLocal Head Lettuce 24ct
33295LOCLocal Lettuce Shred 1/8" 20lb
33256LOCLocal Melrose Pepper
7805LOCLocal Mustard Greens 24ct
33301LOCLocal Potato A Red 50lb
33293LOCLocal Potato B Red 50lb
9916664LOCLocal Potato B Red Quarter 30lb
33302LOCLocal Potato C Red 50lb
9916350LOCLocal Potato Diced 30lb
9916450LOCLocal Potato Stew Cut 30#
5400LOCLocal Potato Whole Peeled 30lb
3261LOCLocal Radish Black
33292LOCLocal Red Leaf Lettuce 24ct
33249LOCLocal Red Pepper 15lb
33284LOCLocal Red Pepper Diced 1/2" 10lb
33285LOCLocal Red Pepper Diced 1/4" 10lb
33269LOCLocal Red Pepper Julienne 10lb
33229LOCLocal Romaine 24ct
33258LOCLocal Romaine Chop 6/2lb
33244LOCLocal Romaine Filets 5lb
33276LOCLocal Romaine Shred 10lb
18900LOCLocal Rutabaga 50lb
9916460LOCLocal Sliced Potato 30lb
33291LOCLocal Sun-Tan Pepper 25lb
33238LOCLocal Swiss Chard Rainbow 24ct
33237LOCLocal Swiss Chard Red 24ct
33254LOCLocal Tomato 5x6 25lb
33257LOCLocal Tomato 6x6 25lb
33275LOCLocal Tomato Diced 3/8" 5lb
33255LOCLocal Tomato Grape 12pt
33296LOCLocal Tomato Plum 25lb
33211LOCLocal Tomato Sliced 100ct 5lb
33253LOCLocal Tomato VineRipe 20#
20800LOCLocal Turnips 25lb
33231LOCLocal Yellow Squash 20lb
33242LOCLocal Yellow Squash Julienne 5lb
33230LOCLocal Zucchini 20lb
33241LOCLocal Zucchini Coin Cut 5lb
33243LOCLocal Zucchini Julienne 5lb


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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