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Items in the Herbs category
Product ID Category Description
8301HRBArugula 1lb
8303HRBBasil 1lb
8304HRBBasil Opal 1lb
8484HRBBasil Purple
8324HRBBasil Retail 3/1oz
8329HRBBasil Thai 1lb
8325HRBBay Leaves Retail 3/1oz
2185HRBBay Leaves, Fresh 1lb
8305HRBChervil 1lb
18536HRBChive, Blossom 1lb
3340HRBChives 1lb
3400HRBCilantro 60ct
8299HRBDill Cleaned 1lb
8334HRBDill Retail 3/1oz
8306HRBDill, 24ct
8320HRBEpazote, 1 lb
3342HRBHerbs, Chives Flat 1lb
8307HRBHerbs, Lavander 1lb
8316HRBHerbs, Sorrel 1lb
11999HRBKaffir Lime Leaves, 1lb
8300HRBLemon Balm
12203HRBLemon Grass, 1lb
8321HRBLemon Thyme 1lb
8309HRBMarjoram 1lb
8310HRBMint 1lb
8328HRBMint Retail 3/1oz
8311HRBOregano 1lb
8326HRBOregano Retail 3/1oz
16100HRBParsley, Curly 60ct
16102HRBParsley, Flat Leaf
1935HRBPeppercress 2lb
8314HRBRosemary 1lb
8327HRBRosemary Retail 3/1oz
20069HRBSaffron, 1oz tin
8315HRBSage 1lb
8335HRBSage Retail 3/1oz
8322HRBSavory 1lb
8317HRBTarragon 1lb
12000HRBTea Leaves 1lb
8318HRBThyme 1lb
8330HRBThyme Retail 3/1oz


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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