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Items in the Grocery category
Product ID Category Description
155694CGAlmond Extract Qrt.
15904CGApple Cider, 4/1 gal.
15894CGApple Cider, 9 Half Gal.
16984CGApple Cider, Fresh 4/1gal
159984CGApple Cider, Sparkaling
155894CGApple Sauce, 6/#10
169104CGApple, Taffy Dip 2x11lbs
160104CGApple, Taffy w/Sprink 24ct
99015484CGApples, Sliced Red 6/#10
16264CGApricots 6/#10
99011704CGArtichoke Hrts 6/#10
30374CGBaby Corn 6/#10
20514CGBacon, Bits 10lb
20554CGBacon, Cooked 300ct
1951134CGBaking Powder 10lb
1951144CGBaking Soda 5lb
52413334CGBalsamic Reduction 6/12oz
166824CGBamboo Shoots 6/#10
21704CGBarley, 20lb
222004CGBean Sprout 6/#10
3624CGBeans & Pork 6/#10
22114CGBeans Dry, Black 20lb
30104CGBeans Dry, Canellini 10 lbs
22284CGBeans Dry, Catalina 10lb
22514CGBeans Dry, Fava 20lb
222124CGBeans Dry, Garbonzo
22144CGBeans Dry, Great North 20lb
22164CGBeans Dry, Kidney 20lb
22184CGBeans Dry, Lentil 10lb
22154CGBeans Dry, Lentil Red 10lb
222174CGBeans Dry, Lentil Yellow 20lb
22214CGBeans Dry, Lima 20lb
22674CGBeans Dry, Mung Whole Green 25lb
22234CGBeans Dry, Navy 20lb
22254CGBeans Dry, Pinto 20lb
22274CGBeans Dry, Red 20lb
22454CGBeans, Cannellini 24/15oz
99025614CGBeans, Baked 6/#10
221144CGBeans, Black 6/#10
22294CGBeans, Butter 24/12oz
2256454CGBeans, Chili 6/#10
797984CGBeans, Garbonzo 6/#10
22204CGBeans, Italian Flat 6/#10
22224CGBeans, Lima 6/#10
22784CGBeans, Navy 6/#10
22694CGBeans, Northern White 6/#10
22564CGBeans, Pinto 6/#10
85444CGBeans, Red 6/#10
22584CGBeans, Refried 6/#10
222584CGBeans, Refried Black 6/28oz
667894CGBeans, Wax 6/#10
665704CGBeef Wellington Aptz100ct
22904CGBeets Sliced 6/#10
9925104CGBlack Bean Paste 24/18oz
9925154CGBlack Bean Sauce, 12x8oz
30084CGBlackeyed Peas 6/#10
9926004CGBonito Flakes 6x16oz
182204CGBread Crumbs Jap 17.6lb
32284CGBread Crumbs, 25lb bag
220694CGBread Sticks Assot. 300ct
3382234CGBread, French 4" 12pk
300284CGBread, Hot Dog Buns
32274CGBread, Italian 12/4""
33284CGBread, Loaf
332834CGBread, Marble Rye
32264CGBread, Pita
332824CGBread, Wheat
207034CGBuckwheat, 5lb
99234204CGBulgar Wheat 10lb
74844CGButterscotch 6/#10
199654CGButterscotch Chips 5lb
87984CGCake Carrot 4ct 1/2sheet
336634CGCake Frosting 45lb pail
87974CGCake Sponge 4ct 1/2sheet
196764CGCallaloo 24x18oz can
742014CGCanapes Meat 100ct
854744CGCanapes Vegetable 100ct
321454CGCandies 5lb
15154CGCanned Vegetables
232364CGCannoli Shells 36ct
31204CGCapers 12/16oz
32654CGCereal Assorted Cups
223354CGCheese Cake
39984CGCherries, Dark 6/#10 can
75114CGCherries, Marschino 4/1gal
88994CGCherries, Sour
38994CGChia Seeds lbs
635234CGChicken & Shiitake Crepe
636364CGChicken Crepes
85474334CGChicken Hawaii 1oz 100ct
639984CGChicken Quesadilla
635524CGChicken Satay 100ct
160354CGChiles, Ancho 1lb
33214CGChiles, Braids
54558884CGChiles, Cascabel
33204CGChiles, Dried 1lb
160384CGChiles, Grn mild 12/11 oz
160344CGChiles, New Mexico 1lb
206904CGChiles, Pasilla 1lb
333364CGChips, Potato 1oz 50ct
33354CGChips, Potato 3lb Vitners
776634CGChocolate Chips, Dark 12oz
776614CGChocolate Chips, Milk 5lb
22614CGChocolate Chips, Semi Sweet 5lb
776604CGChocolate Chips, White 5lb
798894CGChocolate Mousse Mix
785444CGChocolate Syrup
22594CGChocolate, White Block 11lb
206654CGChuntney, Mango 12qrt
99194564CGClub Soda 24/10oz
166924CGCocktail Sauce 4/1gal
99035654CGCoco Lopez 24x15oz.
9337214CGCoconut Shredded 10lb
93307204CGCoconut, Foco 24/11.8oz
206824CGCoconut, Milk 24x13.5oz.
84454CGCoffee Bags 42ct
84444CGCoffee Bags Decaf 42ct
85544CGCoffee Beans Whole 2.5lb
66464CGCookie Dough, Chocolate Chip 2oz
66474CGCookie Dough, Chocolate Chip 3oz
66454CGCookie Dough, Oatmeal & Raisins 2oz
66484CGCookie Dough, Oatmeal & Raisins 3oz
99151754CGCookie Dough, Oatmeal 30lb
991994CGCookie Dough, Pail
99198804CGCookie Dough, Sugar 19lb
66444CGCookie Dough, Sugar 2oz
900004CGCookies, Almond 100ct
93128904CGCookies, Fortune 7lb
85454CGCorn Dogs 36ct
30334CGCorn Flakes 12/18oz
196914CGCorn Meal 25lb
337704CGCorn, Whole Kernel 6/#10
8574554CGCorned Beef Hash
161014CGCous Cous 4/11lb
196894CGCous Cous 8 lbs
66994CGCracker Jack 24/1-1/4oz
68994CGCracker, Carrs 12x7.05oz
99036804CGCrackers, Graham
33694CGCrackers, Matzo
99694CGCrackers, Oyster Indv.Pkg
99192204CGCrackers, Saltines PC
99036654CGCranberry Sauce 6/#10
337774CGCream Cheese W/Chives PCs
30014CGCream Cheese, Philadelphia
32804CGCream Cheese, Strawberry PC
9915454CGCream of Corn 6/#10
41114CGCream of Tatar 1/26oz
33664CGCream of Wheat 6/27.5oz
937304CGCreme Fresh, 5lb
65234CGCroissants 1oz
65244CGCroissants 2oz
12444CGCroutons Ultimate
152464CGCrystelized Ginger 6lbs
206804CGCurry Paste Green 48/4oz
206794CGCurry Paste Yellow 12/35oz
206884CGCurry Paste Yellow 48/4oz
663634CGDeep Dish Mini Pizza Asst
39394CGDemi Glaze
777974CGDinner Rolls
300164CGDonuts, Assorted
206714CGEgg Rolls Skins 7x7 5lb
53304CGEgg Rolls Vegetable 72 x 3.5oz
1125014CGEnchilada Sauce
1955464CGFajita Seasoning 6/9oz
206944CGFalafel Mix, 30lbs.
33674CGFarina Quick 12/28oz
969894CGFish Batter
99063304CGFish Paste, 40x450 bag
99063404CGFish Sauce, 12x24oz
206524CGFlour, All Purpose 50lb
60604CGFlour, Almond 5#
64554CGFlour, Barley 24oz
64564CGFlour, Bread 50lb
64514CGFlour, Cake 50lbs
60614CGFlour, Hazelnut 5lb
64524CGFlour, High Gluten 50lb
65564CGFlour, Pastry 50lb
99183504CGFlour, Rice 24lbs
64534CGFlour, Rye 5lb
64544CGFlour, Wheat 50lb
99067204CGFreeze Pops
115564CGFrench Dressing PC's 60x1.5oz
655564CGFrench Onions
114454CGFruit Cocktail 6/#10
222104CGGandules Pigeon Peas 6/#10
70534CGGarlic, Chopped 6/32oz
121234CGGarlic, Crushed 6/2lb jar
167064CGGatorade 32OZ 12ct
73014CGGiardiniera 4/1gal
207114CGGinger Garlic Mix 19.5oz
99073004CGGinger, Pickled 20lb pail
635244CGGoat Cheese & Ratt Pot Cup
21214CGGold Fish Crakers 4lb
9923244CGGrains Farro/Spelt 10#
166454CGGranola 20lb
167974CGGranola Bars
166474CGGranola Cashew/Papay 10lb
166464CGGranola Choco/Banana 10lb
99163014CGGrape Jelly 6/4lb
986534CGGravy 6/#10
777204CGGreen Beans 6/#10
78784CGGrits Quick Instant 12/24oz
206674CGGuava Paste 12x32oz.
206694CGGuava Puree 6/30oz Tub
6656454CGHamburger Buns
99164CGHamburger Pickles
52604CGHarissa 11.46oz
30394CGHearts of Palm 6/10
206664CGHominy 6/10 Cans
85124CGHoney 6/5lb
85514CGHorseradish 4/1gal
85524CGHorseradish Red 1lb
99088004CGHumus 15lb
99880014CGHumus Red Pepper
7454454CGJamaica Concentrated
989894CGJello Mix 12/24oz
9911574CGJelly, 6/#10
99915474CGJelly, Assorted PC'S
99115234CGJelly, Grape PC's 200ct
99115584CGJelly, Mint 6/4lb
99115244CGJelly, Orange Marmalade
99115224CGJelly, Strawberry PC 200ct
16664CGJuice, Apple 24/10oz
167034CGJuice, Apple 48/4oz
167074CGJuice, Apple 48/6oz
16254CGJuice, Apple 6/.5 gal
16214CGJuice, Blood Orange 6/750
85474444CGJuice, Box Variety 36/6.75
99118534CGJuice, Carrot qrt
16674CGJuice, Cranberry 24/10oz
166994CGJuice, Cranberry 48/4oz
99115924CGJuice, Cranberry 48/6 oz.
166974CGJuice, Cranberry O/S 64oz
156674CGJuice, Fresh Lemon qrts
156664CGJuice, Fresh Lime qrt
167044CGJuice, Grape 48/4oz
76894CGJuice, Grape 64oz
167084CGJuice, Grape 70/6oz
99118544CGJuice, Grapefruit 46oz
167054CGJuice, Grapefruit Ruby 6/64oz
156694CGJuice, Lemon Bottled12qrt
15474CGJuice, Lemon pc's
156684CGJuice, Lemonade 48/4oz
8366664CGJuice, Lime unsweet 4/1gal
556644CGJuice, Naked 8/15.2oz
16684CGJuice, Orange 24/10oz
167024CGJuice, Orange 48/4oz
31114CGJuice, Orange 48/6oz
335534CGJuice, Orange 6oz can
16244CGJuice, Orange Fresh 4/1gl
104054CGJuice, Orange NonFr 4/1gl
99118554CGJuice, Pineapple 46oz can
1010144CGJuice, Pineapple 48/6oz
99118564CGJuice, Pomegranate 6/15oz
4554CGJuice, Prune 48/4oz
99118574CGJuice, Tomato 6oz
1234584CGJuice, Trop.O.J 1/2 gal
169894CGJuice, V8 12/46oz
168984CGJuice, V8 48/5.5oz
76994CGJuice, White Grape 10oz
85744CGJuniper Berry
88974CGKellog Assort Cereal 72ct
112534CGKetchup, 6/#10
131174CGKetchup, Dispenser Bag 2/1.5 Gal
87454CGKetchup, Dispenser Bag Hunts 2/1.5 Gal
112514CGKetchup, Heinz 24/14oz
112524CGKetchup, Packets 2000ct
24114CGKetchup, Packets Hunt's 1000ct
9999914CGKick Energy 8oz
22864CGKidney Beans 6/#10
9923154CGKimwa 10lbs
5244444CGKings Cake
99024804CGKnorr Base Chicken 6/1lb
99114804CGKorean Kimchee, 6x64oz
99123454CGKoren Red Chili Paste
997784CGKosher Meal, Beef
997794CGKosher Meal, Chicken
997774CGKosher Meal, Salmon
19914CGLa Croix G/Fruit 8/12oz
99193014CGLard 2 1/2 lb Tub
99121304CGLasagna Sheets, 10lb
1955544CGLawry Dry Taco Mix 6/9oz
83314CGLemon-Aid Instant 20lb
85774CGLingonberries 5kg
52234CGLiquid Margarine, 50lb
965424CGLiquid Smoke
9999964CGLondon Broil lbs
99125704CGLongan, 24x20oz
225324CGMalt Powder 2lb 8oz can
143304CGMango Nectar, 24/12oz
144524CGMango Puree, 6x30oz
166114CGMarmalade Orange #4
174424CGMarshmallows, Small 12ct
17074CGMashed Potato Mix, 6/#10
99161304CGMassaman Paste, 12x35oz
33684CGMatzo Meal 25lb
131504CGMayonnaise, 4/1 Gal Bon Cherie
131564CGMayonnaise, 4/1 Gal Hellmanns
131154CGMayonnaise, Dispenser Bag 2/1.5 Gal
131554CGMayonnaise, Packets 1000ct
230544CGMaza, Corn Mix Dry 4.4lb
230534CGMaza, Corn Wet 5lb
133454CGMilk, Almond Un/Sw 8/64oz
99133504CGMilk, Coconut 6/98oz
123464CGMilk, Evaporated 24/12oz
132994CGMilk, Soy 12qrts
35654CGMilk, Sweet Condensed
665694CGMini PortabelloTart 100ct
33534CGMirin Cooking Wine 60oz
206854CGMiso Paste 10x2.2lb
38984CGMojo Criollo 1gal
99135204CGMolasses 4/1gal
74544CGMonster Energy 16oz
913474CGMuffin, Blueberry Mix
913454CGMuffin, Corn Mix 6/5lb
913334CGMuffin, Corn Mix Jiffy 12/40oz
913464CGMuffin, Mix Plain 5LB
99138504CGMuffins, English Bays
138664CGMushroom Straw 24/15oz
115104CGMushrooms, Sliced 6/#10
99138804CGMussalata 4/1 gal
99138904CGMustard, 4/1 gal
99138934CGMustard, Dijon 6/9lb can
131164CGMustard, Disperser Bag 2/1.5gal
99924CGMustard, Dry 4lb
99133884CGMustard, Dusseldork 4/1gal
7485444CGMustard, Gulden Jug 75g
854554CGMustard, Gulden Spicy Brown Pkg 500
748544CGMustard, Gulden Sqz 12/12z
99914404CGMustard, Honey 4/1gal
99138954CGMustard, Packets 1000ct
99138914CGMustard, Spicy Brown
99138974CGMustard, Whole Grain 6/9lb
99141304CGNacho Cheese Sauce 6/#10
99037304CGNon Dairy Creamer PC 402ct
99146444CGNoodles, BeanThread 50x17
99146364CGNoodles, Cantonese Panfried 40lb
9914684CGNoodles, Chow Mein 10lb
99146464CGNoodles, Egg 50x14oz
99146484CGNoodles, Glass 30x16oz
99192024CGNoodles, Korean Dry 60/12oz
99146504CGNoodles, Lo Mein 50x1Lb
99146384CGNoodles, Oriental Inst 48x7
99146304CGNoodles, Pad Thai 30x16
9991464CGNoodles, Ramen 24x3.5oz
99146324CGNoodles, Rice Stick 60x16
99146424CGNoodles, Rice Stick Med 30x16
99146404CGNoodles, Rice Stk Pad Thai
99146604CGNoodles, Rice Stk XL 30x1#
99146524CGNoodles, Shangai 5lb
99146544CGNoodles, Soba Jap 12/2#
99146564CGNoodles, Thai Egg 5lb
99146584CGNoodles, Udon 25lb
99146344CGNoodles, Wide Rice 2lb bag
90704CGNopales, Dona Maria 12/30z
99147004CGNori Sheets 10x50 sheet
99151704CGOatmeal Old Fash 12/42oz
99151714CGOatmeal Quick Oats 12/42
99151724CGOats, Rolled 50lb
9916794CGOats, Steal Cut 50lb
154094CGOil, 50/50 6/1
152204CGOil, Canola 35lb
32304CGOil, Chili 12/6.7oz
21244CGOil, Crystal Canola 35lbs
134564CGOil, Fryer 35lb
152284CGOil, Mustard Seed 1ltr
154064CGOil, Olive XVirgin 4/3 lt
155234CGOil, Pan & Grill 5gal
154074CGOil, Peanut 35lb
154624CGOil, Pomace Oilve 6/1gal
966564CGOil, Pop All 17.5lb Tub
152504CGOil, Salad Mike's 35lb
152264CGOil, Sesame 10/ 56oz
134604CGOil, Truffle 6x 8oz
152524CGOil, Truffle 8.4oz bottle
152514CGOil, Vegetable 6/1gal
155014CGOlives, Green 4/1gal
16654CGOlives, Green Pitted 4/1gal
154444CGOlives, Kalamata 5lb
800014CGOlives, Sliced Black 6/#10
800024CGOlives, Whole Black 6/#10
162994CGOnions, Cocktail 12/32oz
99131604CGOranges, Mandarin 6/#10
99151504CGPam Cooking Spray 6ct
99199184CGPancake Mix 6/5lbs
99161704CGPasta, Assort. 20lb
99161744CGPasta, Rotini 20lb
189894CGPasta, Salad 10lb
9916674CGPasta, Wheat
161134CGPeaches Diced 6/#10
161104CGPeaches in Syrup 6/#10
161124CGPeaches Sliced 6/#10 Cans
99163004CGPeanut Butter 6/4lb
99915484CGPeanut Butter PC's
155264CGPeanuts 20/7oz Bags
152494CGPeanuts Salted n/shell 5lb
96544CGPears, Diced 6/#10
166234CGPears, Halves 6/#10
162204CGPears, In Syrup 6/#10
55884CGPears, Sliced 6/#10
22244CGPeas, Blackeyed Dry 20lb
99163204CGPeas, Pigeon/Gandules12/24
99167004CGPeas, Split Green 10lb
99167054CGPeas, Split Yellow 10lb
1991494CGPepper Black PC 3000ct
163594CGPepper, Banana Sliced 4/1gal
195514CGPeppercorn In Brine 24/7
162504CGPepperoncini 4/1gal
19654CGPepperoni Sliced 10lb
17654CGPeppers, Cherry 4/1 gal
160364CGPeppers, Chili Arbol 1lb
30564CGPeppers, Chipotle 24/7oz
30574CGPeppers, Chipotle 6/#10
163064CGPeppers, Guajillo 1lb
99163604CGPeppers, Jalapeno 6/10
90804CGPeppers, Jalapeno Slc 6/#10
166794CGPeppers, Piquillo 6/#10
52664CGPeppers, Roasted Red 6/#10
192234CGPeppers, Serrano 12oz
30584CGPeppers, Sport 4/1gal
99163704CGPesto 6/32oz
9916644CGPhyllo Mini Cup12/15 1.9oz
63214CGPickled Beets 6/10
207124CGPickled Ginger 20lb
163554CGPickles, Baby Kosher 5gal
163524CGPickles, Chips 5gal
1635554CGPickles, Keg 5gal
163514CGPickles, Spears 5gal
632114CGPickles, Sweet Butter Chip
163504CGPickles, Whole 5gal
16474CGPie Filling 38lb Pail
16464CGPie Filling 6/10
223364CGPie, Apple 9in
223384CGPie, Blueberry 9in
223394CGPie, Cherry 9in
223404CGPie, Custard 9in
223374CGPie, Dutch Apple 9in
300244CGPie, French Silk
223434CGPie, Fruit of Forest 9in
223424CGPie, Sweet Potato 9in
199784CGPierogis 12/14oz
78546774CGPimentos Red 12/#5 can
31134CGPineapple, Chunks 6/#10
31144CGPineapple, Crush 6/#10
145174CGPineapple, Slices 6/#10
45224CGPolenta, Corn 5lbs
133974CGPomegranate Molasse 11oz
9999784CGPonzu Lime Soy Sau12/15oz
965554CGPopcorn, Act II 50lbs
555694CGPopcorn, Balls
170114CGPopcorn, Kernels 25lb
170104CGPopcorn, Pre-made 5lb
196994CGPotato Starch 50lb
4214CGPotatoe, Diced 6/#10
300044CGPotatoes, Whole 6/#10
169694CGPreserves, Apricot 6/#10
166204CGPreserves, Apricot 6/4lb
166224CGPreserves, Raspeberry 6/4lb
166214CGPreserves, Strawberry 6/4lb
34744CGPrunes 12/15oz
99168034CGPudding, Chocolate 6/10
36334CGPudding, Lemon 6/10#
99168894CGPudding, Tapioca 6/#10
99168074CGPudding, Vanilla 6/#10
99168064CGPudding, Vanilla Mix 28oz
99168604CGPumpkin Puree 6/#10
9923164CGQuinoa, Grains 10 Lbs
198314CGRaisin, Golden 5lb
198304CGRaisins lb
99194514CGRed Bull
99161804CGRed Curry Paste 48x4oz
9923324CGRed Wheat Berry Grain 10#
163564CGRelish 4/1gal
8574444CGRelish PC's 200ct
188894CGRice Krispies Cereal
183274CGRice Med. Grain 25lb
132914CGRice Milk 32oz
99184004CGRice Paper 50x12oz
183224CGRice, Basmati 11lb
1832244CGRice, Basmati Brown 4/10lb
183294CGRice, Botan 50lbs
183244CGRice, Brown 25 lb
183264CGRice, Jasmine 25lb
183394CGRice, Par Boiled 25lb
183284CGRice, Risotto 10lb
183634CGRice, Sticky 25lb
183304CGRice, Sushi 20lbs
188364CGRice, Sweet Blk Thai 50lb
183584CGRice, Sweet(Glutenous) 50lb
183404CGRice, Uncle Ben's 25lb
183504CGRice, White 25lb
183524CGRice, Wild 5lb
3000264CGRice, Wild Blend 6/32oz
99191204CGSalad Dressing, 4/1gal
115544CGSalad Dressing, Blue Cheese PC 60x1.5oz
99191234CGSalad Dressing, Ceasar 4/1gal
99191244CGSalad Dressing, Ceasar PC 60ct
9915894CGSalad Dressing, Honey Dijon 4/1gal
99919784CGSalad Dressing, Hot Bacon 2/1gal
9999114CGSalad Dressing, Italian 4/1gal
115584CGSalad Dressing, Italian PC's 200x12g
99191274CGSalad Dressing, Ranch 4/1gal
99192224CGSalad Dressing, Ranch Fat Free 4/1gal
115574CGSalad Dressing, Ranch PC's 102x1.5oz
99191914CGSalad Dressing, Russin 4/1gal
123664CGSalmon 6/#4 cans
45554CGSalsa, Herdez Red Hot 12/16oz
412244CGSalsa, Herdez Red Med 12/16oz
745444CGSalsa, Herdez Salsa Verde 12/16oz
99191704CGSalsa, Mild or Hot 4/1gal
991974CGSalsa, Verde 1/2 Gal
191004CGSalt, 25lb
191014CGSalt, Kosher 12/3lb
1910014CGSalt, PC 3000ct
99185704CGSalt, Rock 50lb
99191904CGSalt, Sea 12/26oz
191024CGSalt, Table 24/26oz
99192304CGSauce, BBQ 4/1gal
30034CGSauce, Bufalo 24/5.8 oz
112504CGSauce, Buffalo Wing 4/1gal
33314CGSauce, Chili Garlic 4/136oz
30024CGSauce, Cholula 2/5oz
99454CGSauce, Hoisin 6/#10
300304CGSauce, Hollandaise Mix
233104CGSauce, Hot PC's 200ct
99192004CGSauce, Korean BBQ 12x2.1
231104CGSauce, Louisiana 4/1
99192104CGSauce, Marinara 6/#10
9919784CGSauce, Oyster 6x4.8 lb
99192324CGSauce, Pad Thai 12x35oz
9987424CGSauce, Pad Thai 4/1gal
99162264CGSauce, Pizza 6/#10
99192364CGSauce, Plum Koon Chun 6x5lb
986544CGSauce, Raspberry Dessert
99196024CGSauce, Soy 24x22oz
99196044CGSauce, Soy 4/1 gal
99196064CGSauce, Soy Kiko Lite 4/1
99196084CGSauce, Soy White 4/1 gal
99196104CGSauce, Soy Yamasa 4/1 gal
995654CGSauce, Spaghetti 6/#10
99191804CGSauce, Sriracha Chili 12x17
99192344CGSauce, Sweet & Sour 12x7
99191854CGSauce, Sweet & Sour 12x8oz
99191864CGSauce, Sweet & Sour 4/1gal
99191874CGSauce, Sweet Chili 12x28
99192384CGSauce, Sweet Chili 3x300ml
231124CGSauce, Tabasco Green12/5oz
231114CGSauce, Tabasco Red 12/5oz
99201404CGSauce, Tamarindo 3x183 oz
96584CGSauce, Tapatio
23654CGSauce, Tartar 4/1gal
233654CGSauce, Tartar PC
99203074CGSauce, Teryiaki 4/1gal
113254CGSauce, Tzatziki 4-1/2 gal
28884CGSauce, Unagui 6/1.89 liter
99221504CGSauce, Valentina 24/13.6oz
3004CGSauce, Yucateco Habanero 12/4oz
99192504CGSauerkraut 6/10
9919304CGSeaweed, Dry 24/114 gram
99193204CGSeaweed, Dry Wakame 36/2oz
38894CGSeeds, Flax lbs
99193564CGSeeds, Pumpkin N/Shell 5lb
99193584CGSeeds, Sunflower N/Shell 5lb
99193704CGSeitan, Chi Pow Yu 24x10
995694CGShoashing Cooking Wine
99194004CGShortening, Crisco 12/3lb
99194054CGShortening, Liquid 35lb
635254CGShrimp & Andouille Skewer
9919324CGShrimp, Dry 1 lb
635264CGSmoked Salmon Tartare
99194504CGSoda, Cans 30ct
132364CGSopes 12x24oz
66384CGSouffle Cups 2oz 2500ct
99195024CGSoup Base, Beef 9lb
9999454CGSoup Base, Beef 30lb Tub
99195044CGSoup Base, Chicken 9lb
99195064CGSoup Base, Clam 1lb
99195084CGSoup Base, Ham 6/1lb
3000244CGSoup Base, Turkey 6/1 lbs
99223104CGSoup Base, Vegetable 1lb
9991594CGSoup French Onion Mix
99195524CGSoup, Cream of Chicken 12/5oz
99195604CGSoup, Cream of Mushroom 12/5oz
99195544CGSoup, Cream of Tomato 12/5oz
99195624CGSoup, Hondashi Fish 10x2.5
99195564CGSoup, Miso 2x12x1.5oz
99195584CGSoup, Tomato 12/5 can
999684CGSouvalaki 40ct
99201734CGSoy Paste
635214CGSpring Roll Asian 50ct
206704CGSpring Roll Skins 8x8x25
226894CGSpring Roll Vegetable 200x1oz
99197504CGSprinkles 6lbs
196904CGStarch, Corn 24/1lb
187894CGStrawberry Topping
188974CGStuffing Mix
198034CGSugar Cane Skewers 120ct
198004CGSugar, 25lbs
198884CGSugar, 50lbs
198814CGSugar, Brown 24/1lb
110004CGSugar, Equal pc 200ct
99198954CGSugar, Palm 12/2lb
198054CGSugar, PC 2000ct
198074CGSugar, Powder 24/1#
198084CGSugar, Powder 50# bag
99198974CGSugar, Splenda PC 200ct
111104CGSugar, Sweet & Low 200CT
183134CGSushi Sheets
206814CGSusi Shoga Slc./Spear12x1
168704CGSweet Potatoes 6/#10
63224CGSweet Sour Cabbage 6/10#
6352144CGSyrup, Caramel 12ct
85745554CGSyrup, Hazelnut 12ct
9991974CGSyrup, Maple 4/1 gal
99199104CGSyrup, Pancake 4/1gal
9959894CGSyrup, Pancake PC's
99199124CGSyrup, Pomegrante 24/10oz
33384CGTaco Shells
166564CGTahini Paste 32oz
206684CGTamarindo 50x14 oz
99201604CGTandoori Tika Asn 12x1.75
9922594CGTapioca Powder
99201724CGTapioca, Black 6.6lb
99201784CGTapioca, White 50x14oz
69784CGTea, Bags Lipton sm
699994CGTea, Black 5lbs
74414CGTea, Earl Gray 180ct
52114CGTea, Green lipton 180ct
68984CGTea, Ice Bags Lg 4x24ct
321114CGTea, Lemon Ginger 180ct
99203034CGTeriyaki Glaze, 4/1 gal
204004CGTofu, Firm 12/1lb
144564CGTomatillo 6/#10
99203454CGTomato Paste 6/#10
88284CGTomato Puree 6/#10
99202254CGTomato Sauce 6/#10
88294CGTomatoes, Crushed 6/#10
99202344CGTomatoes, Diced 6/#10
544834CGTomatoes, Stewed 6/#10
206024CGTomatoes, Sundried 5lb
74544554CGTomatoes, Whl Plum 6/10#
99202364CGTomatoes, Whole Peeled 6/#10
300144CGTortilla Chips 8/14oz
33374CGTortilla Chips, 6lb
220584CGTortillas, Blue Corn 40doz
2056614CGTortillas, Flour 10" 12dz
205614CGTortillas, Flour 12" 12dz
206564CGTortillas, Flour 6" 42 dz
205604CGTortillas, Flour 8" 20/10ct
883694CGTortillas, Gluten Free
826544CGTortillas, Spinach 12"" 8dz
826554CGTortillas, Tomato 12"" 8dz
206534CGTortillas, Wheat 12"" 12dz
999354CGTortillas, White Corn 6" 16/3
206504CGTortillas, Yellow 6" 40doz
1100314CGTostadas 20/4oz
155504CGTuna 6/66oz
155514CGTuna Albacore 6/#10
99221704CGVanilla Extract Qrt
226634CGVanilla Imitation 4/1gal
32122214CGVanilla Syrup 12ct
99223564CGVegalene Pan Spray 6/14oz
999644CGVinegar, Apple Cider 4/1gl
1399064CGVinegar, Balsamic 4/1gal
1399054CGVinegar, Balsamic White 2/5
138984CGVinegar, Champagne White Wine
99223804CGVinegar, Momokan Seasoned 4/1gal
99228544CGVinegar, Red Wine 6/1gal
99228564CGVinegar, Rice Wine 4/1gal
9968694CGVinegar, Sherry
999634CGVinegar, White 6/1 gal
99228584CGVinegar, White Wine 1/gal
1399074CGVinegrette, Balsamic 4/1gal
139894CGVinegrette, Champagne
9919984CGVinegrette, Raspberry 4/1gal
99231604CGWasabi Peas 24/4.9oz
99231704CGWasabi Powder 12/1 lb
223314CGWater Chestnuts 6/#10
300134CGWater, 10 oz 24ct
99231904CGWater, Bottled 35ct
99194554CGWater, Pierre 24/11oz
41224CGWater, Propel 6/16.9oz
99194574CGWater, Tonic 24/10oz
234254CGWheatberry, 10 lb
99235004CGWon Ton Skins, 12x14oz.
99253004CGYeast, 1lb
74454CGYeast, Dry 2lbs


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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