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Items in the Fruit category
Product ID Category Description
15691FRApples, 12x3 Bag
15541FRApples, Braeburn 138ct
16101FRApples, Braeburn 100ct
15921FRApples, Courtland Bushel
300021FRApples, Cripps 88/100ct
300231FRApples, Cripps Pink 120ct
159921FRApples, Envy 80ct
166351FRApples, Fuji 64ct
15161FRApples, Fuji 88ct
16151FRApples, Fuji 100ct
15571FRApples, Fuji 138ct
16601FRApples, Gala 100ct
16001FRApples, Gala 113ct
16181FRApples, Gala 125ct
15521FRApples, Gala 138ct
15981FRApples, Gold Delicious 64 ct
16641FRApples, Gold Delicious 72 ct
16021FRApples, Gold Delicious 88 ct
16221FRApples, Gold Delicious 113 ct
16011FRApples, Gold Delicious 125 ct
15581FRApples, Gold Delicious 138 ct
15961FRApples, Granny Smith 56ct
16051FRApples, Granny Smith 64ct
15971FRApples, Granny Smith 88ct
16031FRApples, Granny Smith 100ct
41541FRApples, Granny Smith 113ct
16121FRApples, Granny Smith 125ct
15531FRApples, Granny Smith 138ct
157451FRApples, Grapples 12/4ct
15941FRApples, Honeycrisp 100ct
15551FRApples, Honeycrisp 138ct
15561FRApples, Honeycrisp 88ct
16041FRApples, Jonathan 100ct
16111FRApples, Mcintosh 100ct
300261FRApples, Mcintosh 120ct
15881FRApples, Paula Red Bushel
12981FRApples, Pink Cripps 88ct
159911FRApples, Pink Cripps 100ct
15951FRApples, Pink Lady 88ct
16161FRApples, Red Delicious 56ct
16061FRApples, Red Delicious 64ct
166061FRApples, Red Delicious 72ct
16071FRApples, Red Delicious 88ct
16141FRApples, Red Delicious 100ct
16081FRApples, Red Delicious 125ct
15501FRApples, Red Delicious 138ct
164981FRApples, Red Delicious Volume
16171FRApples, Rome 100ct
15611FRApples, Taffy 12x3 plain
169141FRApples, Taffy Gourmet 8ct
16091FRApples, Taffy Plain 24ct
169131FRApples, Taffy w/nuts 24ct
16201FRApricots, Loose 25lb
8574331FRApricots, Tray Pac 108ct
21041FRBananas, Green 4 0lbs
21001FRBananas, Ripe 40lbs
21031FRBananas, Turn 40lbs
21021FRBananas, Baby 20lb
21011FRBananas, Petite 150 ct.
91101FRBananas, Red 20lb
24201FRBlackberry, 12/.5 pt
24211FRBlackberry, Driscoll 12/.5 pt
24501FRBlueberry, 12/.5pt
24521FRBlueberry, 12/1pt
24511FRBlueberry, Driscoll 12/.5 pt
33301FRCherries, 18 lbs
76031FRCherries, Rainier 18lb
156551FRClementines, 10/3#
156531FRClementines, 5 lbs
3000351FRClementines, 6/2lb
156511FRClementines, Cuties 5#
36911FRCranberries, Fresh 24/12z
91081FRDates, Fresh 20 lbs
160221FRDragon Fruit 10lb
61721FRFigs, Flats, 24-36ct
61701FRFigs, Loose 12pts
83501FRGooseberry, 12/.5pt
76061FRGrapefruit, Red 27ct
76001FRGrapefruit, Red 32ct
76021FRGrapefruit, Red 48ct
76011FRGrapefruit, White 32ct
76501FRGrapes, BlackSeedless18lbs
76591FRGrapes, Champagne 18lb
76651FRGrapes, Concord 12qrts
76531FRGrapes, GreenSeedless18lbs
76551FRGrapes, Lunch Bunch 18lb
76511FRGrapes, Red Globe 18lb
76581FRGrapes, Red Seedless 18lbs
67211FRGuava 10lb
113001FRKiwi, 33ct
113321FRKiwi, Loose 108ct
19331FRKiwi, Yellow flesh 33ct
91051FRKumquats, 10lbs
122201FRLemons 115ct
122221FRLemons 165ct
122271FRLemons 200ct
122251FRLemons 95ct
122211FRLemons, Meyer 35lbs
124001FRLimes, 10lb
124051FRLimes, 175ct
124401FRLimes, Key 10lb
890001FRLychee, 10lb
130501FRMangos, 9ct
137511FRMelons, Bitter 30lb
31031FRMelons, Canary 6ct
31001FRMelons, Cantaloupe 12ct
31701FRMelons, Casaba 6ct
137501FRMelons, Crenshaw 6ct
91071FRMelons, Galia 6ct
31741FRMelons, Hami 6ct
85001FRMelons, Honeydew 6ct
31011FRMelons, Honeydew Orange 6ct
31771FRMelons, Italian 11ct
19321FRMelons, Kiwano 30-36ct
31101FRMelons, Lemon Drop 6ct
33231FRMelons, Musk Bin 60ct
137551FRMelons, Pepino 30-36ct
163191FRMelons, Persian 6ct
31731FRMelons, Santa Claus 6ct
31721FRMelons, Sharlyn 6ct
311021FRMelons, Tuscan 6ct
31691FRMelons, Variety 6 ct
156481FRMinneola Tangelo
143031FRNectarines, 48 ct
143001FRNectarines, Loose 25lb
156541FROranges, 113ct
6651FROranges, 138ct
166361FROranges, 138ct
156491FROranges, 56ct
156501FROranges, 72ct
156651FROranges, 88ct
156641FROranges, Bagged 7/4lb
156521FROranges, Blood 18 lbs
91201FRPapayas, Green 18-24ct
160501FRPapayas, Hawaiian 9ct
91141FRPapayas, Mexican 9ct
160571FRPapayas, Strawberry 12ct
160201FRPassion Fruit 33ct
161731FRPeaches, 48ct
161711FRPeaches, Doughnut 48ct
161701FRPeaches, Loose 25lb
161691FRPeaches, Loose 25lb IL
161721FRPeaches, White 56ct
162011FRPears, 120ct.
9641FRPears, 150ct.
91001FRPears, Asian 24ct
162101FRPears, Bartlett 90ct
162111FRPears, Bartlett 135ct
166341FRPears, Bosc 135ct
162021FRPears, Bosc 90ct
30261FRPears, Cactus 15lb
98991FRPears, Comice 40ct
162001FRPears, D'Anjou 90ct
166331FRPears, D'anjou 135ct
162041FRPears, Forelle 100ct
162051FRPears, Packam 90ct
162031FRPears, Red 45ct
162091FRPears, Seckel 90ct
166261FRPears, Taylor Gold 30ct
166251FRPears, Yali 48ct
91091FRPersimmons 27ct
164001FRPineapple 6ct
164011FRPineapple,Costa Rican 7ct
165041FRPlantains, Green 50 lbs
165031FRPlantains, Ripe 50 lbs
1644681FRPlumcotts 28 lbs
164801FRPlums, 28lbs
164811FRPlums, Italian Prune 28 lbs
168891FRPlums, Plouts 25 lbs
164841FRPlums, Red Dino Eggs
138441FRPomegranates 30 ct
181441FRQuince 30ct
181511FRRaspberry, Driscoll 12/.5pt
181501FRRaspberry, 12/.5 pt
181491FRRaspberry, Gold 12/.5pt
197001FRStarfruit 25ct
197501FRStrawberry, 8/1lbs
197521FRStrawberry, Driscoll 8/1lb
197511FRStrawberry, Stem On 64ct
8900011FRTamarindo 33ct
16131FRTamarindo 5lb
200511FRTangerine, Honey 100ct
200501FRTangerines, 100ct
183331FRUgli Fruit 24 ct
231501FRWatermelon 3ct
231521FRWatermelon Bin
190011FRWatermelon Mini 6 ct
199011FRWatermelon Seedless 3ct
19001FRWatermelon Seedless 4ct
19011FRWatermelon Seedless 5ct
231511FRWatermelon Yellow 4ct


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