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Items in the Decor category
Product ID Category Description
992110DECBalsam Mix 100in
992116DECBalsam Mix 16in
992118DECBalsam Mix 18in
992120DECBalsam Mix 20in
992124DECBalsam Mix 24in
992130DECBalsam Mix 30in
992136DECBalsam Mix 36in
992148DECBalsam Mix 48in
992160DECBalsam Mix 60in
992172DECBalsam Mix 72in
992184DECBalsam Mix 84in
992196DECBalsam Mix 96in
69671DECBlue Pine Theme Tree 4"
9916528DECBoxwood Tree Large
9916529DECBoxwood Tree Med
994410DECDoor Charms aprx. 18in.
994415DECDoor Charms Deluxe 18in.
994520DECDouglas Fir 20in.
994524DECDouglas Fir 24in.
994532DECDouglas Fir 32in
994536DECDouglas Fir 36in
994540DECDouglas Fir 40in
18000DECFruit/Gift Baskets
16915DECGourds 20lb
9908520DECHolly Green 10lbs.
9908525DECHolly Veregated 10lbs.
16907DECIndian Corn CA 18/3ct
16906DECIndian Corn Local 12/3ct
16908DECIndian Corn Mini 24/3
16909DECIndian Strawberry Popcorn
9913370DECMistletoe, 10lbs
9913375DECMistletoe, 5lbs
9913378DECMistletoe,1lb Bag
9914520DECNoble Fir 20in
9914524DECNoble Fir 24in
9914532DECNoble Fir 32in
9914540DECNoble Fir 40in
9914570DECNoble Mix 20in
9914574DECNoble Mix 24in
9914583DECNoble Mix 32in
9914586DECNoble Mix 36in
9914590DECNoble Mix 40in
69699DECNorflok Pine Mini Tree 4"
69700DECNorfolk Pine Mini Tree 6"
9916527DECPinecones 50 ct Natural
9916530DECPoinsettia 10in White
9916531DECPoinsettia 10in.RED
9916533DECPoinsettia 4in Red
9916534DECPoinsettia 4in White
9916535DECPoinsettia 6.5in Red
9916536DECPoinsettia 6.5in White
9916537DECPoinsettia 7in.RED
9916538DECPoinsettia 8in.RED
17000DECPumpkins, Cinderella
16904DECPumpkins, Mini 20lb
16890DECPumpkins, Mini White 20lb
9918600DECRoping, Balsam 100ft
9918605DECRoping, Balsam 50ft
9918602DECRoping, Balsam Mix 100ft
9918606DECRoping, Cedar Mix 75ft
9918607DECRoping, Douglas Mix 75ft
9918608DECRoping, White Pine 75ft
9908521DECWinter Berry 10lb Loose


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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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