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Items in the Dairy category
Product ID Category Description
23246DYButter, Balls 18lbs
23236DYButter, Chips Cont. 17lb
28826DYButter, European 36lbs
28026DYButter, PC 8lb
222366DYButter, Rosettes 252ct
28086DYButter, Salted 36/1lb
28016DYButter, Unsalted 36/1lb
28006DYButter, Unsalted Qrt 36lb
28036DYButter, Whipped 5lb
133076DYButtermilk 9-1/2 gal
32836DYCheese, American 120SL 5#
32726DYCheese, Asiago 9-11lb
412146DYCheese, Asiago Shredded 5lb
32906DYCheese, Blue Cheese Crumbs 4/5lb
32966DYCheese, Blue Whole 7lb
85476DYCheese, Boursin
32706DYCheese, Brie 2.2lb
32816DYCheese, Cheddar Loaf 5lb
32826DYCheese, Cheddar Slc 8/1.5lb
33086DYCheese, Cheddar Smoked 5lb
33016DYCheese, Cheddar White 4-6lb
32776DYCheese, Chihuahua 5lb
35626DYCheese, Chihuahua Shrd 5lb
32236DYCheese, Coldy Jack Loaf
32886DYCheese, Cotija 1lb
32926DYCheese, Cottage Tubs 5lb
32766DYCheese, Cream 3lb
32796DYCheese, Cream PC 1oz
32916DYCheese, Cubes 5 lbs
32956DYCheese, Feta 9lb
33076DYCheese, Feta Crumbs 5lb
32946DYCheese, Fontina 9-11 lb
32346DYCheese, Garginzola
32976DYCheese, Goat 1 kilo
33036DYCheese, Gouda (Random)
32756DYCheese, Grated Parm 5lb
32686DYCheese, Gruyere 5-6lb
33026DYCheese, Havarti w/Dil10lb
6352116DYCheese, Japanese
339896DYCheese, Jarlsberg lb.
92936DYCheese, Manchego (random)
33106DYCheese, Marscapone 5lb
32216DYCheese, Monterey 5lb Loaf
32716DYCheese, Monterey Shrd 5lb
322556DYCheese, Moz Curd 2/10lb
32786DYCheese, Mozzarela Ciligeine3lb
32336DYCheese, Mozzarela Loaf 6lb
33896DYCheese, Mozzarella & Provolone Blend 6/5lb
32356DYCheese, Mozzarella Buffalo 12/8oz
32746DYCheese, Mozzarella Ovaline 3lb
32736DYCheese, Mozzarella Shd 5lb
33046DYCheese, Munster Loaf 6lb
32996DYCheese, Oaxaca
857456DYCheese, Panela
33266DYCheese, Parmesan Shaved 5lb
32856DYCheese, Parmesan Shrd 5lb
33066DYCheese, Pepper Jack 5lb
300156DYCheese, Pepper Jack 8/1.5lb
3000286DYCheese, Pepper Jack Sliced 12 lbs
32866DYCheese, Pizza Blend 5lb
33096DYCheese, Provolone Loaf 12#
33126DYCheese, Provolone Slc 12#
32936DYCheese, Queso Fresco 5lb
33056DYCheese, Ricotta 5lb
33396DYCheese, Roquefort 1/2wheel
32846DYCheese, Shrd Cheddar 5lb
32696DYCheese, Stilton 20lb
32896DYCheese, Swiss 6-10lb
78016DYCheese, Swiss Gruyere 6lb
39926DYCheese, Swiss Shred 4/5lb
32986DYCheese, Swiss Slc 8/1.5lb
338986DYCheese, Tallegio 4lb
37156DYCream, Heavy Whip 12qrt
37126DYCream, Sour 4/5lb
6316DYCream, Sour P.C. 100ct
37186DYCream, Whip Topping Richs12/16oz
937106DYCream, Wipped Aerosol 12/14oz
52576DYEgg Beaters
53106DYEgg Nog, Quart
52256DYEggs, Easy 12ct quarts
52506DYEggs, Grade A Large 15doz
52516DYEggs, Grade A X-LG 15doz
52596DYEggs, Hard Boiled 20lb
52566DYEggs, Liquid 30lb
9991966DYEggs, Massago 4/4.4lb
52546DYEggs, Medium 30 Doz
52536DYEggs, Pasterized 15doz
52526DYEggs, Quail 24ct
110046DYHalf & Half pc 348ct
133056DYHalf & Half qrt
131006DYMargarine, 30lb
131106DYMargarine, PC 900 X 5grm
1311106DYMargarine, Qrts 30lb
412416DYMilk, 1% 1/2 gal
412126DYMilk, 1% 4/1gal
133126DYMilk, 2% 1/5gal.Disp.
133396DYMilk, 2% 1/2 gal 9ct
22556DYMilk, 2% 16oz Chug
133086DYMilk, 2% 4/1gal
133026DYMilk, 2% 48/.5pt
96556DYMilk, 2% Chug
22526DYMilk, 2% Pint 12ct
133036DYMilk, Chocolate 48/.5pt
300276DYMilk, Chocolate Dispenser
22546DYMilk, Chocolate Pint 12ct
123216DYMilk, Chug Chocolate
133466DYMilk, Chug Skim
123226DYMilk, Chug Whole
143156DYMilk, Condensed 24/14oz
1333016DYMilk, Dispenser Whole 5Gl
135306DYMilk, Goat 12qrt
133406DYMilk, Skim 1/2 gal 9ct
133116DYMilk, Skim 1/5gal
22576DYMilk, Skim 16oz Chug
133096DYMilk, Skim 4/1gal
133046DYMilk, Skim 48/.5pt
22536DYMilk, Skim Pint 12ct
133416DYMilk, Whole 1/2 gal 9ct
133006DYMilk, Whole 4/1gal
133016DYMilk, Whole 48/.5pt
30096DYMilk, Whole Pints
99255116DYYogurt, Greek 10 lb
99255126DYYogurt, pc assorted 15ct
99255136DYYogurt, Plain 5lb
99255166DYYogurt, Strawberry 5lb
99255186DYYogurt, Vanilla 5lb


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