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As a perk to our valued customers, we offer on-site farmer's markets events. These fun events have been a big hit at campuses and businesses across the Chicago area. If you are a current client and are interested in hosting such an event, please contact us.

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Farmers Market at Rush Combines Fresh Produce, Support for People With Disabilities                                          

By:Kevin McKeough 

Farm fresh produce and support for people with disabilities intertwined when Rush University Medical Center hosted a farmer’s market in Chicago's Medical District. Crops from an urban farm tended by people with autism and other disabilities was among the produce available, and the market’s sponsors donated the first $500 of sales to Rush’s Autism Assessment, Research and Treatment Services (AARTS) Center.

The 13,000 square foot Growing Solutions Farm, located in the Illinois Medical District on Chicago’s West Side, provides vocational training and workforce development for young adults with autism and other disabilities. Established in 2013, the farm is a program of the Julie and Michael Tracy Family Foundation in Glen View, which also is a supporter of Rush’s AARTS Center. The Tracys’ son John, who has autism and has received treatment at Rush, is among the more than 30 people who work at Growing Solutions.

“We are beyond excited at this opportunity,” Julie Tracy says. “People that are benefitting from the AARTS Center now are participating in a farming operation that’s selling food to Rush staff.”

Rush’s AARTS Center serves patients from as young as 3 years old through their 20s, provide thorough assessments of their capabilities, needs and physical and mental health, and offer a combination of advanced medical and psychological treatments. An AARTS Center social worker has provided vocational coaching for the people working on the Growing Solutions Farm, who include residents of a nearby group home for people with autism.

The farmer’s market was operated and sponsored by T. Castro Produce, a wholesale produce distribution company in southwest Chicago, which is owned by people with disabilities. Owner Tom Prinske, is a legally blind individual and a massive supporter of the development and employments of persons with disabilities.

An advocate for people with disabilities, Tom Prinske felt compelled by his personal experiences to make the contribution to the AARTS Center. “You can have a disability and do positive things. You can work, you can run a business, you can be effective, you can cause change,” he says. “People with disabilities need to be given a chance, and if this program helps them, I want to participate in it.”

Rush is nationally recognized as a leader in providing access and employment and educational opportunities to people with disabilities, and hosting the farmer’s market further extends this commitment. “It is another opportunity to reach out to the disability community and say Rush is here in the middle of the West Side and want to help,” says Paula Brown, “This time, we can help with creating jobs for people with disability.”

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T. Castro Produce is a full service produce distribution company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The current partnership of Tom and Matthew Prinske has pushed T. Castro Produce into the fifth generation. With nearly 100 years of service to the Chicagoland community the new generation allows T. Castro to continue the legacy of high quality product and customer service from a name you can trust.
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